Press Release: Wildcat Has an Ice Time

For the first time the Wildcat Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter (BRH) finds itself in the icy climbs of Norway.

The six Wildcat Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopters are with 847 Naval Air Squadron and are based at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton. 847 Naval Air Squadron is currently in Bardufoss, Norway, conducting tests and training in the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures.


The inhospitable environment provides an ideal terrain for winter training with some of the most demanding flying conditions. The area around Bardufoss not only provides a harsh arctic element with temperatures plunging 30 degrees Celsius below zero but also a mountain flying area with peaks rising to 1.525m (5,000ft)

847 Naval Air Squadron has put the Wildcat Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopters through its paces conducting check test and familiarisation flights alongside Crew Served Weapon Operator training using General Purpose Machine Gun at Setermoen ranges.

The exercise known as ‘Clockwork’ is the Commando Helicopter Force’s annual chance to test their arctic survival skills and equipment capability in the harsh winter of northern Norway as part of the UK’s Joint Helicopter Command’s demanding arctic flying training programme.

Source: Royal Navy, RNAS Yeovilton