Behind The Scenes: Sea King Mk4 Retirement Shoot

Aviation Highlights were recently invited to RNAS Yeovilton to cover the last days of the ‘Junglie’ Sea King Mk4 in service. The idea behind the trip was to get a feel for just how much the aircraft has achieved while in service, talk to those that have flown and worked on the aircraft and also to capture some very special air-to-air photographs over the beautiful Somerset countryside.

The day started with an introduction to the Sea King Mk4 and a short briefing on the day’s programme. We were soon split up into three different groups for flying; Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3. I was lucky enough to be assigned to AVENGER2 in Wave 1 which ultimately meant that we’d get the best light of the day, taking to the air just after 1430.

The plan was to take off from RNAS Yeovilton as a two-ship and head north at 500ft for a 40-minute round trip to Glastonbury Tor. The cargo door on a Sea King is located on the right-hand side which meant that side-on shots were the most likely outcome for the shoot, it also meant that the aircraft would have to swap positions halfway through the shoot in order to give the other aircraft a chance at capturing the Sea King in flight.

A full article will follow in the coming weeks as we get closer to the retirement date but for now, take a look at our first behind the scenes film.